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Here’s what my good friend Edgar Colon asked (he was actually reading a question from the audience) yesterday at the Hispanic Chamber’s H-Town City Council District H Special Run-Off Election candidates’ forum yesterday: “District H is supposed to be a Hispanic district. Should it be represented by a Hispanic?”

Check out the Chron story.

Commentary figured sooner or later the Latino district thing would be discussed in the Chron, on the campaign trail, in the ‘hood, on websites, and at The Yard. Stay tuned!

Commentary found the following three Letters-to-the-Editor in today’s Chron re the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES):

“Buried story: I see the Chronicle buried the piece about Gene Green and Charlie Gonzalez voting for the disastrous Waxman-Markey bill (“‘Courageous’ Texans vote for climate bill” Page A10, Saturday). Courageous? LOL! This is very bad for the consumer. It’s just more of the global warming scam, which is only about control. But not all of us are caught up in the wave of hype and mass hysteria. We must all pray for America….Rodney Fenn, Houston”
“Support district: The America Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES) will put countless numbers of Houstonians to work in new green jobs — building wind turbines, installing solar panels, weatherizing homes and laying a smart electric grid that will power our new economy. It also strives to rescue our children, grandchildren and all the generations to come from the ravages of climate change. Unfortunately, it is far weaker than it should be in this respect. As a constituent of Congressman Gene Green, I hope that he will stand up for those in his district by asking that emissions cuts be strengthened. Cuts of 35 percent to 50 percent under present levels by 2020 would be consistent with the advice of the world’s scientific community. There should be no offsets or carbon speculation, in order to reduce the possibility of “gaming” the system. And 100 percent of the pollution allowances should be auctioned, so that companies will not be allowed to pollute for free. The money raised will provide tax rebates to help defray higher energy costs for middle- and low-income homeowners, investments in and subsidies for renewable energy and energy efficiency measures, and funding for the transition of workers employed in carbon-based energy industries…Juan Parras, executive director, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services, Houston”
“Covering behind: The Democratic Congress and Obama administration are heaping praise on Congressman Gene Green for going along with climate change legislation that will no doubt substantially increase our cost of energy in the not too distant future. Green was won over by some crumbs thrown his way in the form of 2 percent of pollution permits for refiners. This is hardly a heroic stunt on the part of Green. He is merely covering his behind for the 2010 election cycle…Moises J. Garcia, Spring”

I guess that is what you call drawing three ACES.

Commentary checked out the final three contestants on the National Spelling Bee deal last night. Where in the heck do they get those words? Laodicean? My computer’s Word program doesn’t recognize it. How come on my computer I got a red line under laodicean? I nearly fell out of my chair last night when they threw out a word I had actually seen before – guayabera – that by the way my computer also underlined in red.

It turns out, Julie Luna, the wife of My Best Friend, Al Luna, went to the same elementary school as Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Julie is also from the Bronx and is of the Puerto Rican persuasion.

Here’s what Julie said: “She went to the same elementary school as I did…graduated a year before me.  I don’t remember her but my uncle who had a grocery store in the neighborhood said he remembers her.  I am going to the 40 year Blessed Sacrament School reunion and all alum are invited regardless of when they graduated.  She was sent an invite.  We know it’s highly unlikely she’ll attend but it’s pretty neat to wonder.  Regardless…I am proud of my fellow Boriqua!”

It looks like the ‘Stros front office still reads Commentary. The Chron Sports Section headline today reads: “Cooper on firm ground.” According to the Chron’s Jesus, my friend Drayton says “firing the manager is not in the cards.” Check out the article.  I’m glad Drayton, GM Wade and me are all on the same page on this as we visit PNC Park for three against the Pirates this weekend.

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