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“I would hope that a wise Latino Commentary with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a White Commentary who hasn’t lived that life.”

Speaking of, I have to say that the Lone Star State legislature has it all wrong on this red light camera stuff. Sure, it raises money for cities but I don’t have a problem if it is coming from folks that run red lights. Here in H-Town, take 20 minutes of so from your day and go sit at a busy intersection. You’ll be amazed at the number of drivers that brazenly run through red lights. I don’t understand the legislative logic (an oxymoron for sure) in telling cities they can’t set up red light cameras. I don’t understand why cities can’t use these tools to stop folks from running red lights and raising a little extra cash at the same time. If local folks have problems with this, let them vote out members of their city councils. Commentary wasn’t a fan of red light cameras at first, but now I think they serve a purpose.

The headline in today’s Chron Sports Section says: “Is it time for change?” It is a reference to showing Coop the door. I don’t think that’s the answer. I think you let the team including Coop, his coaches, GM Wade, his staff, and the players work toward figuring it out. They’ll definitely be hearing it from the fans on websites, on call in shows, and at The Yard on how bad they stink. They will either figure it out or further disintegrate. It is probably not too early for GM Wade to start engaging in trade talks with other clubs to see what is out there. When it comes to trades, everyone should be on the block including asking those players with “no trade’ clauses to consider waiving them. There are a lot of folks on the baseball side of the ‘Stros that need to step up and not just Coop. They better figure it out, or else when they give out the 10,000 Joe Green Valley Bobbleheads in early September, they’ll have enough on hand for when you get there and one when you leave – yikes!

Speaking of, the early returns are in for the MLB All-Star Voting. The Big Puma who is batting .229 is running fifth for NL First Base. ManRoid is within striking distance at starting in the NL Outfield and he’s not even playing. The Brewers’ J.J. Hardy who is batting a paltry .247 is leading for NL Shortstop. Hunter Pence, who has the 3rd best batting average (.352) in the NL, isn’t even in the Top 15 of NL Outfield vote getters. Miggy Tejada, who has the 5th best batting average (.346) in the NL, isn’t even in the Top 5 NL shortstop vote getters. Commentary thinks we need Voter IDs for MLB All-Star balloting for sure.


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