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Commentary said it first yesterday and now a whole lot of folks are saying it. The GOP needs to be real careful on how they treat Judge Sotomayor during the confirmation process or they risk further alienating Latino and Latina voters across the U.S. of A. The New York Times has a piece on it as well as the Chron as well as the Washington Post as did “The Today Show” this morning. It looks like GOPers are in a lose-lose position today. That’s A-OK with me.

The Capitol Annex fella is certainly no fan of H-Town’s Mayor. He scorched The Mayor on something The Mayor said about the Voter ID bill. Check it out.  Commentary has probably known The Mayor politically as long as anyone in the Lone Star State. I don’t agree with him on everything about how he runs H-Town, but his Dem Party cred isn’t a problemo for me.

Maybe the Capitol Annex fella can explain to me why Lone Star State Dem Lege leaders are upset that the GOP Texas House Speaker that Dems supported back in January is acting like a GOPer – huh! He’s a freaking GOPer – how did you expect him to act?

The Star-Telegram has a good piece today about bats used by the pros – maple or ash. Bats are exploding at an alarming rate and MLB has ordered a study. Check it out.

Speaking of, Commentary is missing 25 or so males in their 20s and 30s, in reasonably good shape, of Latino, African American, Anglo, and Asian persuasion, last seen wearing Brick Red, may be walking around with their arses handed to them, they could be looking dazed and confused, they go by aliases like Puma, Caballo, Miggy, and Wizard, they have been known to play baseball at the professional level, they haven’t been seen in the past week – if you happen to run into them, tell them they have a game in Cincinnati this evening.

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