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Commentary’s Uncle Jesse got some run yesterday in the Chron on a piece about veterans this Memorial Day weekend. Uncle Jesse makes it a point to try to stay involved. He’s everywhere.  Check out the story.  Way to go Uncle Jesse!

According to today’s Chron, Guv Dude’s not having a good legislative session. Apparently, members of the lege are tired of his arse.  Check it out.  Commentary is betting the voters will also tire of Dude’s arse next year.

This past Friday, a federal judge threw out Lopez v. City of Houston. That is the lawsuit filed by Vidal Martinez to force the City of H-Town to draw two more district council seats immediately. I guess it is not going to happen until 2011.

Speaking of, UH’s Dr. Murray put out his take on the H-Town City Council District H Special Election Run-off. It looks like advantage goes to Ed Gonzalez unless Maverick Welsh can make a dent in early and mail ballot voting.  Check it out.  Good luck!

The Lovely Wendy and H-Town CM James Rodriguez got their mugs in the society page in yesterday’s Chron.

The ‘Stros are not playing good baseball – period! The Big Puma is batting .225. Matsui was dropped to the 8 hole Saturday and is now batting .224. Joe Green Valley is out for a while. GM Wade says we’re going to ride it out with what we have which means don’t expect any major moves. Commentary is not giving up hope but I am definitely in pain. About the only good thing that happened at The Yard this past weekend was sitting with Dante, James, and The Lovely Wendy yesterday in Pam-In-Charge’s seats as Dante got two balls tossed to him including one by Hunter Pence. The ‘Stros are now in Cincy and I’ll check them out at noon today.

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