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Commentary has been watching the back and forth on the takes folks have about Congressman Gene Green and his positions on the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACESA) that is working its way through Congress. Yesterday, Commentary helped put together the local Latino briefing on ACESA – about 25 folks showed up. After yesterday, I don’t think the local Latino perspective has been taken into account in the local debate. It has been about industry and jobs and absolutely nothing about the air those little Latino children breathe in those neighborhoods next to the chemical plants. Way to go!

I still haven’t seen an explanation on why his local office didn’t meet with some of the local ACESA supporters. I can understand the passion some folks have for Cong. Gene Green and want to step up to defend him. I can also understand the passion some folks have on this issue and want to hold Cong. Green accountable. What is missing is the passion for those little Latino kids that are without a doubt the biggest victims of emissions here locally.

I wonder if I can get Guv Dude to cc me when he sends a thank you note to The President for the stimulus funds that will be used to help repair Dude’s crib.

Commentary thought things were going A-OK last night then the wheels fell off. The Big Puma and Cecil Puede got thrown out of the game in the fifth inning. Our bullpen fell apart in the seventh inning. Then we choked in the ninth after getting the first two batters on base. Now the Lone Star Series and the battle for the Silver Boot begin tonight as we host the first place Rangers for three including tomorrow’s game that will air in some parts of the U.S. of A. on Fox TV. The ‘Stros hold a 25 to 23 games won edge over the Rangers but the Rangers currently hold the Silver Boot even though we split last year 3 to 3 because they scored more total runs.

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