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There is nothing more annoying to a major political campaign than the constant dreaded rumor. You know, the one that says things aren’t going as well as they should. We’re going through that again locally as one major campaign is being dogged by the dreaded rumor while the other two are not but they are also probably helping pass around the rumor. What is the rumor you ask? Hey, Commentary tries not to get in the business of passing around rumors other than to say that I’ve heard the rumor from four or five folks lately and I can’t tell if it is a rumor or not. Still, I’d hate to be on the receiving in of the dreaded political rumor.

Here’s what the H-Town Police Chief had to say about getting ICEd up in today’s Chron: “Immigration enforcement by local police is counterproductive to community policing efforts. It undermines the trust and cooperation of immigrant communities, could lead to charges of racial profiling, and increases our response time to urgent calls for service.”

Check out the article here.   Way to go Chief!

Speaking of, don’t forget to drop by the America Para Todos press conference today called a “Protest to Demand that the Houston Police Officers Union STOP Supporting the 287-G Program” at 11:30 am in front of the Houston Police Officers Union Building, 1600 State St here in H-Town.


Commentary will be at a local Latino briefing this morning to find out the truth about the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 that will soon be debated by Congress. Meanwhile the Chron has a story today on the position on the bill by organized labor with a quote from the region’s leading environmental attorney Jim Blackburn: “Industry and unions are hand in hand, and together they make bad policy.” Check out the article. 

Commentary has always thought that most Cubbie fans were either idiots or morons. I guess the same can be said for Cardinal fans. At Wrigley, some fans are sporting T-shirts that have a fella cutting grass wearing a sombrero that says “(Albert) Pujols Mows My Lawn.” At New Busch, some fans are wearing T-Shirts that have a fella cutting grass wearing a sombrero that says “(Carlos) Zambrano Mows My Lawn.” We don’t tolerate that crap at The Yard cause folks would have to deal with Commentary, Dante, Serge, J. Dominic, and the Chron’s Jesus.

Arne the Peanut Dude is no longer with us. He entertained us for years at The Yard and also helped out the Sunshine Kids. We will miss him for sure.

Last night, I knew right off the bat that Cecil Puede had messed up big time. Bourne led off the bottom of the first with a base hit then Matsui came up to bat. The ump sent Matsui to the dugout and brought Bourne back to hit and put an out on the scoreboard. Nobody needed to explain to me that Cecil had turned in the wrong lineup card. Man, this stuff is supposed to only happen in the softball beer leagues not in the bigs. Lucky for us Wandyful was on his game so the Cecil screw-up wasn’t fatal as Roy O goes to the mound tonight.

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