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Commentary’s old boss, former Lone Star State Guv Mark White, was asked what he liked best about his job. His response: when the legislature is not in session. I’m reminded of this after hearing that the State Senate thinks it is OK to carry a piece on college campuses but it is not OK to ban smoking in restaurants and bars.

Meanwhile, at the Cannes Film Festival, the Lone Star State is getting bashed – what else is new – because we wouldn’t provide incentives for the filming of “Waco” because of the problems with the script – huh? Maybe Guv Dude’s Film Commission wanted that Koresh fella played by a paperless folk actor. Maybe Dude’s Film Commission wanted Janet Reno demonized and played by Jane Fonda or Lindsay Lohan. Maybe Dude’s Film Commission wanted a different ending like having the Koresh bunch at the end of the movie team up with the FBI and head down to the border and save the state from paperless trespassers.

Here’s what Commentary doesn’t understand. When we decided to go after the Al Qaida guys, what were we supposed to do when we caught them? Elected officials from all over are now saying they don’t want them in their ‘hood. What are we supposed to do with them? I bet if we said if a state agrees to house the Al Qaida prisoners, you also get to host a Super Bowl every five years – we’d have about 50 takers for sure.

Commentary doesn’t think the National GOP is ready for GOP Chair Michael Steele. Behind his back top GOP consultants are calling him irrelevant. I can’t seem to find a credible GOPer willing to stand with the fella. You just have to wonder if it is a …..thing.

H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez is now taking names for his Host Committee for his Re-Election Kick-off Reception on Wednesday, June 10 at Cielo Bistro which is located on Main Street Downtown.

About the only good thing about last night’s game was the company – Serge, Jesse, Home Plate’s Nick, John Jenkins and his steady J.C. who once did time in the Lite Guv’s office – but she’s still cool. It looks like a pretty good match up tonight as Wandy goes against Yovani – where do they get those names?

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