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In the Chron this past weekend there was apiece about the H-Town police chief saying he is ready to pack it in. Look for the next police chief selection to creep into the mayoral campaign.

The Chron also reported that The Mayor got rid of the airport chief. Of course, who gets to run the airport is only important to the folks that have the concession shops out there.  The voters don’t care.

H-Town Mayoral candidates Peter Brown and Gene Locke had some words about the next mayor taking over the school district. You know, I don’t think this is an issue that is a priority with voters.

We had another school close this weekend thanks to the flu. That’s three schools in Commentary’s ‘hood – I don’t know about that.

Film God Martin Scorsese is casting a flick about Old Blue Eyes called “Sinatra” and he’s looking at Johnny Depp, James Franco, Jake Gyllenhaal. Justin Timberlake, or Mark Wahlberg playing the Chairman of the Board. I wonder who gets to play Ava Gardner and Mia Farrow. Scorsese did a pretty good job depicting Howard Hughes in “Aviator” and he’ll probably score points in “Sinatra.”

The ‘Stros never have room for errors, goofs, or bonehead mistakes. It seems like at the end of the season it always comes down to one game. Saturday afternoon, it looked like the ‘Stros were goners against the Cubbies trailing 4 zip heading into the top of the ninth. The Big Puma led off with a tape measure dinger then Numero 45 had a dinger. Miggy and Pence singled and then Blum got hot by a pitch to load the bases. Pudge singled to score Miggy and Pence and the game is tied with two men on and no outs – just like that. Cecil Puede then got caught up in the moment of the excitement and let adrenalin take over. Instead of having pinch hitter Jason Michaels lay down a bunt and move the runners to second and third, he let him hit away and the result was a lazy fly out – big mistake. Kaz batted next and also flied out. Bourne walked to load the bases then The Big Puma grounded out.

In the bottom of the night, interim closer LaTroy Hawkins walked Booby Scales who was then sacrificed to second. Then Alfonso Soriano came up to bat and instead of walking him intentionally since first base was open, they pitched to him and he got a base hit to score Scales – game over….arrrrgh!

Cecil Puede was asked after the game about letting Michaels hit instead of bunting and Puede stuck by his decision saying Michael was our best pinch hitter even though he’s batting a measly .220. Cecil Puede was also asked why he didn’t walk Soriano and he stuck by his decision again saying that the next batter Ryan Theriot was a tougher out – huh! Soriano led off the season with a dinger against Roy O back on April 6 and he’s owned our arse ever since.

The Chron’s Jesus’ blog Saturday afternoon talked about Cecil Puede’s not so good moves and even had unnamed players scratching their heads. Of course, if I was Cecil Puede, I guess it is kind of hard to admit you goofed when you refuse to take your head out of your arse.

Pudge got career dinger 300 yesterday as the team takes today off and gets ready to host the division leading Brewers for an important three game series that begins tomorrow evening.

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