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The Chron is losing one of the best in the business – Alan Bernstein. I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with my old pal Alan on countless political stories for many, many years. Nobody has written more about H-Town area politics than Alan over the past two decades and for this we owe him one big thank you. He has been our chief story teller. His experience, knowledge, and professionalism will certainly be missed in the Chron’s coverage of politics in the future. I will always appreciate the objective, fair and thoughtful reporting by Alan. Anytime he has called me I always put down what I was doing to lend him a hand. Anytime I called him to ask for info, he was accommodating. His agenda was always to put out a good story and he never took sides which is the way it should be. Way to go Senor Bernstein!

It will be interesting to see who the Chron trots out to be the next political writer. They don’t have a lot of experience over there on Texas Avenue these days. I just hope the next political writer is old enough to register to vote.

Off The Kuff had a mention recently about the Heights not having an Early Voting location in the H-Town City Council District H Special Election. Since a whole lot of folks are voting early in all elections, isn’t it time for the folks that run elections in Harris County and H-Town to expand the number of early voting locations. It makes sense to me.

The Chron E-Board jumped on the bandwagon today and said that HPD doesn’t need to be asking folks about their citizenship status.  Check it out.

Gus Wortham Golf Course will be the place to be on Friday, May 29 for the East End Golf Classic hosted by CM James Rodriguez. The funds raised will go toward fixing up Wortham Golf Course that was on the real estate market – allegedly – a couple of years ago. Some fools at City Hall wanted to convert this East End jewel into soccer fields. A lot of political and business heavyweights have signed on as sponsors. For more info, you can go to www.houstonparksboard.org.

It was definitely fun to watch the ‘Stros get 24 hits last night. All 9 starters including pitcher Mike Hampton had at least two hits. The Big Puma went four for four. This afternoon CNN takes a hike as the ‘Stros try to take the series finale in Colorado.

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