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Former Lone Star State Dem Ag Commish Jim Hightower is on The Kinkhole’s leadership team. That’s too bad. I don’t know what my old buddy “Whole Hog” is drinking but it certainly ain’t St. Arnold. Maybe I’m out of touch, but I always thought Jim was a relevant voice in Dem Party politics. Maybe this is a Jim Hightower joke of sorts and he’s going to drop a punch line on us pretty soon and ‘splain to us that he was only kidding. Maybe it isn’t a joke and he just wants to be called “Kink-Whole Hog Jim.” Jim’s a pretty good writer but there isn’t anything he could string together that could convince me that having The Kinkhole lead the ticket in 2010 is good for the future of the Dem Party.

Whew! The Donald came down from the heavens yesterday live on three cable networks and decreed that we will have a Miss California USA after all. Commentary checked out the TMZ.com photos of her from last year and checked out her current photos – she had some serious touching up for sure. Commentary is sure glad that The Donald is our moral compass. Why don’t we just have a law passed that allows The Donald to go on TV whenever he wants and decree all moral issues like casino gambling in the Lone Star State, the legalization of marijuana, and doing away with the DH in the American League.

Congrats go to One Of My Best Friends, Carol Alvarado, for being named the Texas Municipal League’s Legislator of the Month (April).

From my Game Day ‘Stros Notes: Pudge has career 299 dingers, The Big Puma has 295, Numero 45 has 287. It is likely that all could reach 300 this season wearing the Brick Red – cool.

We didn’t do so hot last – heck – we got our arses routed. Let’s see if we can get back on track tonight at Coors Field.

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